Focused on photography

Glassworks cutting room

As I mentioned in the previous post, last summer we visited old glassworks in Harrachov. It was interesting to see how the glasses are produced manually by men blowing into hot glass pieces and forming thus shapes of the glasses but the part of the glassworks that got my full attention was the room where the clear glasses are decorated manually by cutting their surface by a grinder, creating so various ornaments.

I was absolutely taken aback by the quiet atmosphere of that room and I wished I had opportunity to spend at least an hour or two by absorbing the light, the colours and the objects and their mutual understanding to be able to capture the best compositions and structures.

But guided tours are limiting in the amount of time you have at your disposal so much sooner than I wanted, we had to move on. Can you believe that I even had to fight back tears that welled up in my eyes because of a feeling of sheer inability to capture more and better than I managed at the moment? I felt utterly frustrated and promised myself to try and come back some time, better prepared for what I will see.

So if you are into this type of things and you ever visit the town Harrachov in Giant Mountains, don’t forget to put the glassworks on your agenda. It’s worth it.