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Lost beauty of old factories

You must have seen them. Old factory buildings that used to be full of machinery producing all sorts of goods but after the companies lost their success at the market, all that remains is emptiness and a state of gradual dilapidation.

I came across one of those buildings during our holiday in Giant Mountains, in the town Rokytnice nad Jizerou. The building housed one of the textile factories of the company SEBA, a company that used to employ altogether more than four thousand people. The local textile industry did not survive all the changes happening in the ninetieth and many of the factories were abandoned. There were some plans to invest in them and use them for other purposes but as you can imagine, it would be an expensive adventure with uncertain return.

What I’d like to point at is the building itself. Today we so often build factories and industrial buildings from sheet metal like huge boxes and although they are often colourful and sometimes even creative, they lack the graceful sturdiness I’ve always been admiring at these old industrial buildings.

The tower structure with all the decorations looks almost like an old railway station to me…

I regret watching such an interesting piece of history fade away…