Be fearless

Do you pay attention to what words or ideas people can read on your clothes? I love T-shirts of many kinds but I dismissed many of them just because of what was written on their front or back, even though I loved their design.

Last week I bought a T-shirt in an Orsay shop. They had it in two variants – one with short sleeves and an image of an owl without any words, the other one with semi-long sleeves and an image of the same owl, but this time with the words BE FEARLESS. I prefer short sleeves to semi-long ones but the words accentuated the image so much that I decided to pick that T-shirt. Here is the design:

To be fearless surely doesn’t mean to feel no fear but to be able to face and overcome it if necessary and there are many situations in our everyday life which need/ask/want us to be brave.

Some situations are obvious while others are very individual and personal. It may be brave to go shopping, talk to strangers, share your opinion, ask for help, tell the truth, help others, stand up for yourself, resist injustice or someone’s manipulating will, face your weaknesses and faults even if they hurt, follow your instincts and faith even if nobody believes in them… Well, this could be a very long list…

So I bought the T-shirt and I’m looking forward to wearing it. It’s never late to strengthen this trait of ours.