Flower phantasy

When I come home in the evening and I am tired, I tend to open a browser and keep clicking on article titles that catch my attention, read a bit of this and a bit of that, and eventually I find myself looking at articles I am actually not interested in at all. And after an hour or two I switch the browser off, being usually angry about wasting so much precious time I could have used for much more useful, needed or creative activities.

Do you know that story from your life as well?

Here and there it may perhaps be helpful to relax this way and don’t want to change the world but if the pattern repeats itself too often, it seems utterly wrong. And I am afraid aging does not help it…

So when I caught myself yesterday surfing the net aimlessly again, I decided to stop that rightaway and instead select a random photo of mine and play with it to see what I could turn it into. It was relaxing as well and much more beneficial.

The photo captures a pot of flowers I bought in late spring and placed on the patio in front of our house. All three of the flowers stayed beautiful for several months and let me enjoy their quiet and yet vivid personality.