My new bullet journal for 2022

Bullet journaling is a matter of love and hate for me.

I love its style, flexibility and possibilities it offers… There are so many and you can adjust them all to your needs!

…and I hate my inability to fulfil my expectations when it comes to the appearance of the journal. My drawings are not good enough, my writing does not look elegant enough, my imagination is soooo limited. Being a perfectionist does not help.

And yet this method of keeping a planner makes me productive, creative and efficient and even when I ran away from it, screaming and swearing that it was too much to put up with, I humbly came back in a year or two to try and make it work again.

Last year I bought a pre-designed colourful BusyB planner with a weekly layout – days on the left, free lines on the right, that was my favourite way of planning. I really liked it and it helped me to organize the year but you know what I missed most? The absolutely free space of a bullet journal that you can fill and decorate gradually based on your needs, your mood, your ideas.

So here I’m again with a new dotted Leuchtturm1917 notebook in my hands, already prepared for the start. I’ve chosen bright orange colour for encouragement and decorated the cover a tiny bit with a washi tape.

I’ve decorated the first pages and have been adding a little embellishment here and there since. I’ve never been good at drawing but fortunately there are so many decorative papers, stickers, stamps and washi tapes one can use to express themselves and to beautify the journal…

I’ve decided to have a future log look like monthly overviews to see the future events and tasks in an orderly way. The months have colours as they are set in the yearly overview above, here is for example may and august.

The monthly layouts are followed by a special page for the tasks that I postponed many times and need time to decide what to do next with them. So not to forget them, they will be mentioned here. The page on the right has been created to remind me of my regular monthly tasks.

Then there is a monthly tracker, which is a page with activities I’d like to perform on a specified basis. I assigned the activities (like learning English and German, exercising, preparing blog posts, etc.) to individual days and here I want to keep track of how many times I succeeded in pursuing them. The right page contains a weekly layout for the start of the year (which is just Saturday and Sunday)…

…and the first whole week follows. I decided that I will decorate my weekly layouts when preparing them at the preceding week(end) based on how much space I’ll actually need for my notes.

That’s it. No specific daily logs unless I find them important and then there is that wonderful space of that blank notebook to use it as one needs.

Well, I hope I inspired you with my planning of the journal. If all this is new for you, you can get to know the official rules of the bullet journaling method on the website HERE and here are my two other posts on bullet journaling where I sort of described my previous path through it all: