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    My new bullet journal for 2022

    Bullet journaling is a matter of love and hate for me. I love its style, flexibility and possibilities it offers… There are so many and you can adjust them all to your needs! …and I hate my inability to fulfil my expectations when it comes to the appearance of the journal. My drawings are not good enough, my writing does…

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    My bullet journaling adventure continues

    Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? To put it in a nutshell, bullet journaling is a way of keeping one’s events and tasks organised. It uses a bullet journal, which is a self-made planner. It can be more or less creative, full of drawings and colours or based just on simple notes. It has its rules but they are…

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    Bullet journaling adventure

    Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? It’s a way of keeping your events and tasks organized and much more than that and a few weeks ago it burst quite surprisingly into my life. I disliked planners and diaries of all kinds. Always, when I bought one, I was carrying it for a few weeks in my bag, rarely opening…