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    My bullet journaling adventure continues

    Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? To put it in a nutshell, bullet journaling is a way of keeping one’s events and tasks organised. It uses a bullet journal, which is a self-made planner. It can be more or less creative, full of drawings and colours or based just on simple notes. It has its rules but they are adaptable, you decide which apply and which need to be changed. I started my bullet journaling adventure almost two years ago in February 2016 and I’m here today to tell you I still keep a journal and adapt it to my needs. If you compared how my bullet journal looks…

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    Bullet journaling adventure

    Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? It’s a way of keeping your events and tasks organized and much more than that and a few weeks ago it burst quite surprisingly into my life. I disliked planners and diaries of all kinds. Always, when I bought one, I was carrying it for a few weeks in my bag, rarely opening it, and sooner or later it got lost in a drawer. They all seemed so rigid and unhelpful to me. I’ve been quite happy with my smartphone recently, it has all I need when it comes to scheduling events and jotting down important tasks. But then, a few weeks ago,…