Focused on photography


Sometimes life is full of colours…

…and sometimes it’s void of them…

…but it’s always open to possibilities and creativity.

Two weeks ago I visited the town Příbram and came across this interesting set of three birdhouses. They were situated quite high and behind a fence so I didn’t have much possibilities for finding the best angle for capturing them but I tried my best to get the gist of the scenery. I edited the photo but was not happy about the result.

So I edited it more, highlighting the birdhouses, dodging and burning, adding textures to the background and deploying blend modes. I liked that result much more, I just thought it was a little bit too colourful so I took the saturation down and saw a potential in black & white so I put the saturation back, switched to the black & white mode, adjusted the tones and lights and got more of a drawing than a photo, an unexpected but interesting result, which I love.

I think it’s the same with our lives, seeing and feeling the potential moves us forward, discovering new and sometimes unexpected ways and results, and each such discovery is another step on the path winding through our lives.