Inspiring food for thought #1

The other day I was listening to an audio English lesson on business English and I felt intrigued by its topic, which was dealing with difficult people. I had to think a lot about what was said because it felt genuinely true and applicable to our lives generally, not just to those professional ones.

In a nutshell, the thing is that there are quite a few people in our jobs, in our neighbourhood and generally everywhere we find ourselves, which we find hard or almost impossible to put up with. We usually blame them and although in many cases we may be right, sometimes – and probably more often than we would care to admit – the people are not that bad, they just don’t correspond to our own expectations and needs.

Next time, when somebody makes you feel irritated, desperate or angry, try to ask yourself frankly and with your mind open, what is the root cause of your feelings and why you perceive that other behaviour in such a negative way. We often think how tolerant we are, but are we really?

Before I leave you alone with your thoughts, here is a photo I took last week in South Moravia in the area called Pálava.

Sheer autumnal magic, isn’t it?