End-of-year wishes

I haven’t been much active on this (or any other) blog lately but I wouldn’t want to miss out on this last post of the year. May it be somewhat personal?

You know, I could count the reasons and excuses for my absence here readily but in the core, there definitely lies shortage of discipline and motivation. I don’t function well based on swings of mood, I need plans, deadlines and visions. Then I make progress, then I am creative. Abandoning the planning and dwelling amidst doubts, negative thoughts and lazy attitudes have always led me into the hell of rejection and it is so easy to get tempted to follow that way.

I don’t like New Year’s resolutions but I wish I had more strength in the following year to be looking for my own personal ways, to be creative and resourceful, to beat the negative, think positively and start new inspiring projects, which would lead me further along the path. One doesn’t need to inspire the whole world, right? Sometimes we need to inspire ourselves first… and there are so many smaller and bigger ways how to achieve that.

Wishing you and your families a blessed Christmas time and a strengthening drive fulfilling the New Year.