Places in Czech Republic

Photo bits and pieces

Thanks to my photography project I regularly take my camera into my hands and though there is still a lot I need to learn and improve, the regularity is enriching. I have more photos than I would have had without starting the project and though they may not be striking, I learn from each of them. The following photos were taken a few days ago and form somewhat incoherent set but I find them worthy of sharing here.

Number 1: Cottage

I wonder whether the cottage get flooded in spring when there is too much water in the river but in summer it must be a nice place to stay at.

Number 2: Gravestone

We’ve discovered an old Jewish cemetery with about twenty or thirty gravestones. The place might have been desolate but nowadays a Jewish society takes care of it so it’s not forgotten any more.

Number 3: Flower on stone wall

A detail that caught my attention, flowers are able to thrive in so many places.

Number 4: Gate decoration

This statue decorates a gate at Lužany castle and I had to smile when watching it. Does it resemble a goat to you? I’m really not quite sure whether I find it nice or ugly, funny or kitschy, I sort of can’t believe my eyes.

Number 5: Another gate decoration

This is a sibling to the previous creature, guarding the other side of the gate. A bit different background, a bit different light and the impression is quite different…