Around home and village

May in our garden

Do you document regularly or at least here and there your garden, house, flat, I mean the environment you live in? I’m sure I don’t do it often enough… even though I find it interesting to compare the older photos with the current appearance, one quickly forgets. On Sunday I decided to grab my camera and capture some details in our garden and I would like to share some of the photos with you.

Paeonia suffruticosa is a flower that has never disappointed me… So elegant.

The rhododendron below is a small bush which we bought for just a few bucks in end of season sale in Tesco supermarket and frankly, we didn’t expect much. Yet it surprised us in quite a pleasant way. Twice actually as we have two of them and they both look great.

Our little rock garden looks great at this time of year, here is part of it. My hubby calls the stones in the middle of the rock garden (here on the left) “stone sea” and I love that expression.

You may know Euonymus fortunei – it is the green and yellow plant which contrasts so nicely with our neighbour’s lilacs. The yellow colour lasts all year long, the plant is evergreen.

Our dwarf pine took a few years to get settled but now it looks great in the garden. It’s (and should be) just about one meter high and when I was taking the photos, I discovered some ox-eye daisies growing wildly at its base.

The yellow azalea was not lucky this year, its blossoms got frostbitten at the beginning of May when temperatures fell a few degrees below the freezing point. I hoped the leaves would not be damaged and surprise, surprise, I even discovered these two flowers survived.

Another azalea, opening its buds… It’s interesting that the buds are reddish but the blossoms are vibrantly orange.

I brought ferns once and planted them in a flower bed and found out quite quickly that they were infesting the place. I replanted them to a place where they can do no harm, hopefully.

I could say that nettles are my enemies, they can also infest places mercilessly but here are some that look good, don’t they?

You see, this time I did my job of documenting the garden, now it’s your turn to document yours.