Places in Czech Republic

For the love of details

A few weeks ago we visited my mom, who lives in Příbram, which is a town in Central Bohemia. I took my camera with me for the occasion of “what if… we went for a walk”. We did and I took a few miscellaneous details that I want to share with you.

No. 1: Watch out for children
There are standard traffic signs we all are used to and need to know when driving but passing by the signs along the same routes repeatedly makes them often sort of invisible to our eyes. I loved this colourful sign drawing attention to its message.

No. 2: Alfa Romeo
Alfa Romeo is not a common car here so I was surprised to see it parked by a block of flats.

No. 3: Statue
The statue felt impressive from that perspective high above us. It depicts Antonín Dvořák, quite a famous Czech composer.

No. 4: High school environment
The building of the school is repaired beautifully and there is a small park in front of the school. Lovely environment for those studying there.

No. 5: Benches and a litter bin
Who would want to shoot a litter bin, right?? Well, I did, for the lines and colours… This is a detail from the park I’ve mentioned above.

No. 6: Shapes and colours
Another detail of a building inspired by lines and colour combinations.

Often things that seem ordinary hide a message, a feeling or even a revelation of something we hadn’t been aware of. That’s why I like looking for those details. They tell me their stories…