Places in Czech Republic

Horšovský Týn

Horšovský Týn is the town assigned to February in my photo project for this year and because today is the last day of the month, I am here to share some of the photos I took. I opted for the same number of photos as in my post on Žinkovy which is 35.

Horšovský Týn is a very old town that went through many changes. The first written reference to it comes from 1184, it was pronounced a town in the fourteenth century. In 1953, the town was declared an urban conservation area. Nowadays about 5,000 inhabitants live there.

There is a castle in the town (built in the 13th century and rebuilt in 1550) offering several guided tours, former Capuchin monastery (built in 1654 and dissolved in 1950, then it was converted into a food warehouse), and several churches (with history reaching back to the 13th century but probably not used much nowadays). There are many beautiful old houses in the historic part of the town. Some of the buildings are repaired, some are dilapidated, the castle itself would need a new coat. It must be very difficult for such a small town to acquire finances for the repairs.

Again, the selection of the photos is not meant to be any representation of the town, it just reflects certain variety that captured my attention.

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.