Focused on photography

Butter and eggs

I’m way behind with my Be-still-52 assignments but just before we went on holiday, I managed to fulfil an assignment asking us to create an image based on the prompt of “butter and eggs” and I took a series of photos. Before throwing myself into processing our holiday photos I wanted to complete that unfinished work and here I am with two final images I liked best.

They are a bit different in several regards but as you can see, I used the same fried egg for creating them. Only one egg actually, it dawned on me much later that there were “eggs” in the prompt so one must do this time.

It felt just like a start presenting quite a few possibilities and I’d like to get back to this prompt some time later and try a different version. These images are very bright and colourful and I’d like to come up with something finer and more subdued. There is always something to be looking forward to…