Around home and village

Nearing the end of the year

Christmas is over and I hope that you spent nice and peaceful holidays. Generally I do not enjoy the Christmas time much but this year it was different and I feel deep in my bones that though I’ve gone through many difficulties lately, there is also the good I’ve received and I’m grateful for that.

During Christmas, dense fog was covering our surroundings and we were staying at home a lot. Yesterday sun appeared at last and we were eager to go out for a walk. It was a welcome opportunity to brush dust off my camera, though I knew that the road we follow on our walks in the village is always the same and there is not much to expect. Yet I managed to capture a few shots that caught my attention and it seems to me that every picture could tell its own story.

A meeting… that would be a caption chosen for the photo above.

In autumn, the village’s inhabitants were invited to come and pick sea-buckthorn’s berries for a charge in the local sea-buckthorn “orchard” but as you can see, there might not have been enough interested people. Plenty of berries stayed on the shrubs.

A nice decoration though, adding colour, isn’t it?

Have you ever encountered a magical forest? Darkness and light may tell spellbinding stories there…

Look at the autumn-like and snow-less weather we are experiencing these days. I loved the colours and light shining through.

If I saw the scenery in the photo above in someone else’s photograph, I wouldn’t recognise it. What a little attention I pay to my surroundings and how much my own photos help me to be fully aware of it.

The photos below were taken from almost the same spot, just perspective is different. Taking a few steps left or right, forward or back, turning the position of the body or angle of the camera… I need to realise again and again that perspective can make all the difference in the world and it’s always good to make that effort.

How do you feel while nearing the end of the year? I feel the urge to wrap the year, put it behind and embark on a new journey. A journey that will be new but will continue where the last one ended, being enriched by all the good and enlightening I met along the way. I hope that I will have more time to come here, to share my posts and enjoy yours. Thank you for coming back and leaving your nice and warm comments on my posts throughout the whole year.