Focused on photography

Laundry time

I’ve already mentioned the task we got in the Be still 52 course, to try and capture quiet non-stylised real-life moments. We even got a few prompts to help us focus on a particular topic, one of them being “Laundry Time”. Well, there are many possibilities to capture that and I went for shooting our washed towels, dish towels and tablecloths hanging on the washing lines in our garden.

Nothing was specifically arranged for the photo and I count this as a still life photo though as you can see, the pieces were moving in a breeze…

The first photo is just basically adjusted, the other two images are further processed to get a bit different look.

I love hanging clothes in the garden to let them become dry, they smell of air and the garden and feel quite different. Without the assignment, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to take such a photo and I’m glad I did. It’s a nice remembrance of those moments which I like so much.