Around home and village

More spring sights

On our way to and from the cherry tree orchard which I showed you in my previous post we saw much more than just the orchard.

Near by the orchard there was a wet area spotted with plenty of marsh marigolds whose bright yellow flowers were shining in the grass. Blooming trees were all around and it occurred to me that you never know where an unknown path would take you. It may hide so many turns and surprises.

In the following photo, there is the countryside I live in. No stunning view but I love this hilly terrain. My father was always addressing it as the foothills of Šumava mountains though Šumava is a bit further away.

We went along the path and could see various spots inviting us to take a photograph. Without taking it, would I remember that I saw something like that? Definitely not.

I’m always surprised how different photos I and my husband take when walking together. We are attracted by different shapes, different colour combinations and different light. Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes that I hadn’t noticed something as prominent as he captured. But then I see I surprised him by some of my photos too and feel happy about that.

I’ve learnt to value this difference, this uniqueness, though it may not be always appreciated or understood. I’ve learnt to enjoy the photos I took which I like and he (or anyone else) doesn’t.

I had to smile at Margaret Mead’s words: “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”