Cold and rainy

Last night it was raining heavily here, the rain woke us several times when beating against our roof lights.

And not only brought the night the rain but also a change in temperature when it dropped a few degrees lower in comparison with previous warm days resulting so in a wet and cold Sunday.

Well, despite the noise, we were happy about the rain as the weather has been very dry lately and the level of ground water is very low here. Abundance of water is one of my dreams now, who would have thought! No more taken for granted.

And as everything outside was soggy, I decided to discontinue reconstruction of our rock garden and stay at home, which enabled me to find some time for my indoor photography.

My hubby once set aside his earphones, hanging them on my wooden birdie. It looked quite funny and I felt inspired to use that combination in a photo or two…

I wonder whether the photos make any sense at all but do they have to? I simply like their magic and certain unexpectedness.

As if the inscriptions advised me… CREATE WITHOUT FEAR and FOLLOW YOUR HEART.