• Focused on photography


    Sometimes life is full of colours… …and sometimes it’s void of them… …but it’s always open to possibilities and creativity. Two weeks ago I visited the town Příbram and came across this interesting set of three birdhouses. They were situated quite high and behind a fence so I didn’t have much possibilities for finding the best angle for capturing them but I tried my best to get the gist of the scenery. I edited the photo but was not happy about the result. So I edited it more, highlighting the birdhouses, dodging and burning, adding textures to the background and deploying blend modes. I liked that result much more, I…

  • Reflections

    Winter moments

    This week has been chilly and snowy here and to see the landscape covered in snow and frost has been a lovely sight to behold. We hurry through our lives so many times but there is stillness as well that’s worthy of enjoying.

  • Around home and village

    Icy imagination

    Do you enjoy watching clouds moving across the sky, wondering what their shapes resemble? If I’m sharing what I can see with someone else watching the clouds with me, I’m always surprised how diverse pictures we get, highlighting different features of the clouds. The other day I went across our yard, which has been in the process of reconstruction lately, and I was watching my step not to stumble over a piece of hard earth or some stone. As I was looking down under my feet, I noticed a piece of solid ice giving me artistic impression. I was thinking about the clouds and their shapes triggering my fantasy… I…

  • Focused on photography

    Curious attraction

    It is a curious feeling to be taking a photograph you expect no one else would like. It is a feeling, as though you were entering a universe that holds no attraction for potential visitors but for you. Yet you hear the calling and you can decide whether to follow it and perhaps seem foolish or ignore it and throw away expressing something deep inside you what might take you further. I love this great adventure of photography teaching me to be myself, to look at the world around me through my own eyes, and to go deeper than to the longing to create something everyone would admire.

  • Reflections

    Task substitution

    Planning is a great thing, don’t you think so? But what if you plan a task and then instead of doing it, you choose another one to fulfil. What if… … instead of doing laundry you cook a cake?… instead of dusting you organize your stuff?… instead of proofreading an important contract you call your mum? Just because you don’t feel like doing the planned task? Not motivated enough or trying to postpone something you know you need to do but are not especially eager to fulfil? So not to waste time entirely by just being lazy and trying to calm your conscious you choose to do something useful in…

  • Focused on photography

    My photo project for 2021

    As a photographer, I find photo projects to be a wonderful way of exploring both the world around us and the photography itself. I completed several photo projects I had assigned to myself but last two years I didn’t have any and I missed it. I need something to push and pull me forward, something palpable and particular, which is exactly what such a project can offer. I wasn’t quite sure what the new project should focus on and the solution eventually came as a surprise. Do you believe that if you seek something, new doors open and new paths are unveiled? Only after setting off, possibilities present themselves. At…

  • Reflections

    End-of-year reflection

    I won’t let the cat out of the bag when remarking that the end of this year is on its way to arrive pretty soon. I’m sure many of us have been pondering over this ending year, how unusual and challenging it has been, and wondering what the next year will be like. Who knows… But I’m sure, even if some days are messy, there are also opportunities to smile, notwithstanding occasional bleak outlooks. I believe in hope… I’ve already discarded this year’s diary of mine and while doing that, I noticed the remarks I started that diary with. I reminded myself that I needed * to use our treadmill…

  • Places in Czech Republic

    Nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks

    At the end of October my husband and I went to the national nature reserve Drbákov – Albert’s Rocks, where one can follow about 7 kilometres long nature trail. We thought it could be an interesting autumnal photo trip with a bit of exercise. We arrived quite soon at the starting point of the trail. When we got out of our car and set off, we soon got enclosed by foggy surroundings. The fog added magic and charm to the area but was way too dense so we just hoped it would fall down eventually revealing blue sky and sunny day as the forecast promised the day before. The trail…

  • Poetry

    House in Green

    Have you ever read “The Woman in White” by Wilkie Collins? And have you ever listened to the “Lady in Black” by Uriah Heep? Well, and have you ever seen such a “House in Green” like the one below? Brain sometimes connects the dots in funny ways… Green leaves and green roofGreen shapes of the woodBreathing the calmness of the mind

  • Around home and village

    Rock garden rebuilding

    Wherever you dig in our garden, you most probably hit a stone. There are so many of them hidden beneath the surface that after each building work in the garden we get a new heap of stones of all sizes. What can you do with all of them? You can either use them or throw them away but you can’t simply dump them into a bin or somewhere, they are heavy and too many. No wonder then that one of our ideas for using the superfluous stones was to build a rock garden and place many of them there, so about 14 years ago my husband and I created our…