Sometimes I need more colour

There is less light during winter here and not so many sunny days. Without snowy whiteness, such a winter’s day can be absolutely dreary. Why not bring some colourful atmosphere into it by focusing on available sources?

That was my reasoning when I was choosing for processing the photo with those colourful chairs below, a photo that I took on one of our trips and that was waiting in my files for the right time to shine.

But listen, when we are talking about colours, I have to tell you that my favourite one is green these days, the green in the Wordle game. It is the one below and although the yellow is not bad either, at least for a start, the green is the winning one.


I was told about the game by my son a I fell in love with it right away. They say it’s very popular and that’s absolutely comprehensible. I’m glad there is only one challenge a day, I find the game rather addictive. In a good sense! So if you haven’t heard about it yet, follow the link and give it a try. The rules are simple and you find them explained by the game itself.

Happy colourful days!