Assignment for using blending modes

I’ve been participating in a course on Photoshop recently and one of its sections focused on using blending modes. What I like about the course is that the last lesson of each section includes an assignment requiring usage of the techniques that were explained and practised in that particular section. Sometimes also photos and images are provided to make completion of the task easier.

The theme assigned for using blending modes and relating techniques was defined as MYSTERY, and the following set of photos was provided as an inspiration or a part of the final image with the freedom to choose whatever other image needed.

My first impression when seeing the photos was that I’ve never been a skull girl and that although I like mystery, I put up with horror scenes only so-so.

Yet after giving it a second thought, I decided to allow myself be challenged and incorporate as much of the photos into the final blended image as possible, creating that mystery thing along the way.

Eventually just one photo – the one with the hand – didn’t make it into the resulting image.

Can you find the prints of the hands? Not conspicuous but adding an interesting detail if you look at them closely.

I didn’t know where to start at first but I arrived at an image that on certain level speaks to me and the fact makes me appreciate I was able to step out of my comfort zone. One can practise that in so many ways!