Focused on photography

Table, bird and roses

I had my birthday a few weeks ago. When my husband asked what kind of present I would like to get, I told him I would have a special wish, which was to find or create a place in our house that would give me some free space for taking still-life photographs.

I was fed up with using the kitchen table or living-room table and floors of all kinds, all of that not quite suitable for taking photos. I used to have a small makeshift table in one of the rooms but now our treadmill is placed there and it doesn’t fit anywhere else. I also used to have an interesting old work table outside the house but firstly it’s no more there and secondly it was not of much use in case of bad weather.

Our house is not very big and there are no spare rooms, yet we went through it up and down and were discussing the options. The wish proved to be a hard nut to crack. Eventually we found a solution. We got rid of an old PC table, moved our son’s PC into his room where we rearranged things a bit and hurray, I had a free corner by a northern window.

Just a few days later I came across a table and chair that I absolutely loved for having it as my photography space, and just imagine, the table and the chair were just on sale! The table is quite large and my husband at first doubted its size but it fits perfectly into that corner and I am so very happy to have it.

I need to figure out lighting, background and colour of the walls (as the orange looks great with the table but is not great for photographing) and many other things but it’s a great start.

Sometimes when things seem to be hard to solve, there is a possibility waiting to be discovered and then things develop smoothly as if they just needed to be put into motion.

I’ve decided on not dwelling upon seeking perfection when experimenting with my still life photos. Of course I want them nice and technically good but I also want to let the juices flow and be open to ideas and visions.

Still life may look simple and easy but it’s not. All little details and angles play important role and well thought-through lighting is essential.

The roses in the photos come from the bouquet I got from my husband to that birthday. They dried beautifully and I find them both sweet and raw.

Of course I got also some “real” presents but having the wish fulfilled has been awesome. I’m looking forward to where this path will take me…