The other day I was watching a video where a guy was explaining how he created a photo, what his intentions were and how he got there both in arranging the scenery and processing the photo and I thought, “well, so much effort invested, and I actually do not feel any excitement about the result…”

But he was talking with passion, explaining his art, and I loved that attitude. He was creating something that made his juices flow and that was important enough.

Let me take a leaf from his book and present two images I created from a photo taken in a botanical garden in Prague. My husband was not impressed, his expression showed it right away before saying anything, yet my inner self enjoyed wallowing in the feelings the images brought out.

You may be a master in expressing yourself but if you are not, listen to what makes your creative soul sing and do not be afraid to follow that. Even if you were the only one to enjoy the results, they are worthy the time and effort. That was my lesson hard to be learned because although you read and hear such motivational cheering from many sides, you need to live by the fact and that is the hardest part of all…