Focused on photography

Looking for a model

The other day I felt strongly like taking pictures but as it was raining all day, I was stuck at home. I decided to find some scenery there to take a picture of and my thoughts fell immediately on a metal doll that has guarded one of my flowers for quite a long time. I am not a fan of these products, I usually find them kitsch, but when I saw the doll, I couldn’t take my eyes of it. Well, sometimes you come around a thing that touches your feelings and you feel sort of allied with it, don’t you?

I took several photos, played with the scene, with my camera settings, with light. I know that the result is far from a technically perfect photograph but it makes me feel good and moreover, the doll looks great, doesn’t she?

After taking the photos of the doll, I had another idea. A few years ago we bought a toy for our son. You might have seen it already, I used to know this thing (whose name escapes me) from shops where children could sit by a table and draw a picture or do some “sitting activity” while their parents were doing their shopping. I remember seeing it in a bookshop. The thing is made of metal and wood and there are several shaped and coloured metal rods that lead small wooden balls from one side to the other. We have quite a small one at home but I saw much bigger ones and they were wonderful! I took several photos again, with different background, settings and light and this is the one I like best:

A toy and yet a piece of art, isn’t it?