Cosmos Discovery exhibition

Just before the end of the last year, my family and I visited a Cosmos Discovery exhibition in Prague, an exhibition telling the story of space flights and exploration. The exhibition has been prepared in cooperation with the American NASA and space museum and education center Cosmosphere and we’ve learned many interesting facts about the history, presence and potential future of space flights.

It is not the case of this post to repeat the information, I’d much rather wanted to share a few photos illustrating the atmosphere of the exhibition. I needed to absorb the atmosphere myself before starting to use my camera at all, there was so much to see, read and hear, and as you can imagine, so many people to share the room with…

A photography side note: All the photos below were taken without flash or any support using high ISO values so please excuse all technical imperfection. I was actually quite amazed to find out how good a handheld-taken photo can be with parameters such as ISO 2500, f /5,6 and 1/8 sec…

As both our sons are interested in NASA and its work and proudly wear clothes with a NASA logo, I decided to include their portraits from the exhibition. Their extensive knowledge regarding space and science generally always inspires me to learn and understand more of the universe that surrounds us.