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    End-of-year reflection

    I won’t let the cat out of the bag when remarking that the end of this year is on its way to arrive pretty soon. I’m sure many of us have been pondering over this ending year, how unusual and challenging it has been, and wondering what the next year will be like. Who knows… But I’m sure, even if some days are messy, there are also opportunities to smile, notwithstanding occasional bleak outlooks. I believe in hope… I’ve already discarded this year’s diary of mine and while doing that, I noticed the remarks I started that diary with. I reminded myself that I needed * to use our treadmill…

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    End-of-year wishes

    I haven’t been much active on this (or any other) blog lately but I wouldn’t want to miss out on this last post of the year. May it be somewhat personal? You know, I could count the reasons and excuses for my absence here readily but in the core, there definitely lies shortage of discipline and motivation. I don’t function well based on swings of mood, I need plans, deadlines and visions. Then I make progress, then I am creative. Abandoning the planning and dwelling amidst doubts, negative thoughts and lazy attitudes have always led me into the hell of rejection and it is so easy to get tempted to…

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    PF 2016

    Here we are again, at the end of another year. Nobody knows what the next year holds for them and how they’ll be able to embrace that. It’s time to wish one another strength, health and happiness and it’s high time to send New Year cards to our friends, families and business partners. Someone celebrates the last day of the year as a milestone, others refuse to see anything special in it, but the truth is that the date changes and we need to get used to that new number… I’ve posted New Year cards in this blog since 2011 and just a few weeks ago I was made aware…

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    PF 2015

    2014 is over and when I look back at it, I can see so many things that challenged me, enriched me and pushed me forward. We may be a year older but also we are a year more experienced and that counts. I became strongly aware of the fact that circumstances of our lives are never ideal but offer us many chances to grow personally and follow our dreams. And learn or develop something we should have done years ago but perhaps needed to grow up to it. I didn’t share many posts on this blog in 2014 but I’m pleased to say that I successfully finished my 52-week photography…

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    PF 2014

    At the close of the first day of this new year I’d like to send my best wishes to you and accompany them by words that I find very wise: “Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.”― Harold B. Melchart Beauty and inspiration often lie in the ordinary so let’s keep our eyes, minds and hearts open and enjoy that all. A Happy New Year!

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    PF 2013

    The end of this year will arrive in two days and although I usually don’t make a lot of fuss about it, this turn makes me look back. It was an enormously difficult year for me to deal with and challenged me in many ways. There is a saying in Czech stating that things are never so good so that they couldn’t be better and never so bad so that they couldn’t be worse. So I tell myself that perhaps I should be grateful that things were not worse and hope that they will be better. I was watching “The Lord of the Rings” film series a few days ago…

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    PF 2012

    Well, another year’s coming, something new starts so let’s use it to our advantage and make the best of it. There is always something new to be discovered, something old to be improved, something interesting to be followed. I wish you to be healthy, satisfied and open-minded.

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    PF 2011

    Some time ago I subscribed to a scrapbooking course via the Internet. I wanted to improve my skills in using the Adobe Photoshop Elements software that I use for editting my photos and for making occasional scrapbook pages. The course is great, but it takes all the time I have for sitting at my computer, so I haven’t been able yet to continue my Kozel castle series. Autumn is gone, there is snow everywhere and I can see I am running late… I hope that I will catch up with your blogs as soon as possible but for the time being, let me wish you a wonderful Christmas time and a happy year 2011. Credits for…