Places in Czech Republic


January is almost at its end so I’m here to share some of the photos I took in Žinkovy, the first town on the list of my photo project for this year.

Why Žinkovy, you might ask? The answer would be simple. Although it’s just a small town that is neither extraordinary nor special, we visited it several times in different seasons and always found something interesting so it seemed a good place to start the project with.

Let me clarify that I don’t see this collection of photos as something representing the town but rather as a collection of captures that caught my attention. If you were there, you might have taken quite different photos. I wasn’t hired to prepare an official guide so I allowed myself to be subjective in selecting both what I captured and what I shared.

We visited the town three times during January and the weather was never the same which is reflected in the photos and has added to the variety.

When we talk about the variety, I’d like to say that I tried to capture the interesting, whether it looked cared-for or neglected. It was all part of the whole.

One of the surprises that awaited us on site was that the premises of the chateau (which you can see in the very first photo) are no more open to the public. The chateau has been private and under reconstruction for several years but you could walk in its premises which was always a nice stroll so I quite regret that the premises are to be fenced. On the other hand I’m glad that the building has been restored to its beauty, one has to respect the fact that every owner has the right to treat their property as they see fit and as it serves their plans.

Because we couldn’t walk in the chateau’s park, we had more time to explore other parts of the town, which eventually I was grateful for. Disadvantages may sometimes become advantages…

That’s it today, I hope you’ll enjoy the trip. Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.