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Two more peatland sceneries

Apart from the peatland Chalupská slať I wrote about some time ago, we visited two more peatland areas in that part of Šumava – Jezerní slať (Lake peatland) and Tříjezerní slať (Triple lake peatland). Both of them are also part of the first zone of nature protection of the Šumava National Park.

Jezerní slať (Lake peatland)

was designated a nature reserve in 1933. Its name comes from a lake which has been overgrown with peat moss. When you arrive there and follow a nature trail, soon you come to an observation tower which enables you to see far behind tops of surrounding trees.

The area of the peatland spreads over 208 hectares. The average depth of peat is 2,5 metres, the deepest part reaches to 7,6 metres.

Jezerní slať is one of the coldest places in the Czech Republic, the average temperature is just around 1°C and temperature minimum values are often recorded here.

Peatland Mugo pine represents typical cover, furthermore you can find plants here which are rare in central Europe. No wonder as they need both the cold and acidity.

Tříjezerní slať (Triple lake peatland)

has been accessible by means of a nature trail since 1979. Its name comes from three lakes you pass walking along the trail.

This peatland with its 5 hectares is the smallest of the three but still very impressive. It is also very cold, on the average 160 days per year show temperatures below 0°C.


All three peatland areas we visited in Šumava were peaceful and calm and I really enjoyed the time we spent there, no matter how many tourists were surrounding us at the moment. You can simply feel that the places are sort of special, offering you a view of uncommon environment.