Around home and village

Spring in terms of flowers

It’s beautiful to come out of the house right into the garden and to see nature so close… I grew up in a city, in a block of flats with garages in the backyard and a busy main street in front of the house. Moreover, both grandmothers lived in the same city, just in other parts of it. How much I longed for some nice relatives living in the country!! I would never have guessed at that time that one day I would be living in the country. One never knows what experience waits round the corner…

I guess the flower above is some perennial kind of begonia, I have a few of them in my flowerbeds. The plants survive winter frost and snow quite bravely.

Do you like narcissi? A few years ago I bought some bulbs and made the choice according to the picture of grown flowers that I liked. Well, the flowers are beautiful but they never last long because their heads are too heavy for their stalks and always bend in a while. Well, tell me, beauty at such a price? I intend to buy narcissi with much simpler inflorescence to see them live longer…

The redcurrant is my favourite in this set. I planted this one about 4 years ago and it seems that this year it will be heavy with berries at last! I just need to get rid of green-flies, they attack currants every spring and I have to spray the plants with chemicals. Fortunately, it’s enough to perform the treatment just once, I don’t like using the chemicals too often. Ladybirds are welcome, come and have a feast!