• Focused on photography

    Peony magic

    The tree Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa) that we have in our garden does not look great this year. The weather has been enormously dry this spring and the leaves of the bush are partly dry as well. Also the buds and flowers have been fading quickly. My son noticed yesterday that one of the lower growing branches was broken so I cut it off entirely and put into a little vase at home. It looked tempting to be captured and eventually I used it and another even more faded flower for my still life photography. Funnily enough, I ended up with quite a different photo than I started with… Isn’t the…

  • Around home and village

    May in our garden

    Do you document regularly or at least here and there your garden, house, flat, I mean the environment you live in? I’m sure I don’t do it often enough… even though I find it interesting to compare the older photos with the current appearance, one quickly forgets. On Sunday I decided to grab my camera and capture some details in our garden and I would like to share some of the photos with you. Paeonia suffruticosa is a flower that has never disappointed me… So elegant. The rhododendron below is a small bush which we bought for just a few bucks in end of season sale in Tesco supermarket and frankly, we didn’t expect…

  • Around home and village

    Peony and other beauties

    Quite a few years ago I planted a little tree peony bush (Paeonia suffruticosa) in our garden. I bought it in a garden centre because I liked the picture of its pink flowers presented on a label and based on described growing conditions, I decided the peony could grow happily here. It did and though they say the plant doesn’t tolerate replanting easily, it even survived when we needed to move it into a different part of the garden. It doesn’t grow way too quickly but every spring it is covered with impressive buds and then flowers which I’ll never grow tired of being looking at. In autumn those beautiful…

  • Poetry


    It’s been raining todayIt was raining yesterday Perhaps I should be sadthat there is no sunshineand the sky is greyThe earth is soakedand mud is everywhere But instead I’m feelingas if the rain was washing awayall that tiredness of last days I’m feeling like being preparedfor something new coming soon I’m feeling as if each drop of rainwas bringing me strengthand energy for the next days I am at home with my children nowbut I wish I stood outsideand let the rain flow down my bodyto feel its gentle touch on my skin That soothing touch… I wish I stood outside