Around home and village

Shining through

There is a low sideboard in my kitchen which separates the space where meals are prepared and cooked from the space where the meals are eaten and I like to have a pot with herbs or a vase with flowers placed on it as it looks quite charming. There is also a window near the sideboard which looks westwards. Sometimes, when the sun is quite low in the evening and it still shines, its rays get into the kitchen and shine through the leaves and flowers I have displayed on the sideboard and it’s always very beautiful. I sit at the table having my supper and watching the beauty…

A few days ago I bought chives in a pot and intended to have them at home for a few days and then to plant them in the garden to have fresh chives before I’ll plant new seeds. I put the pot on the sideboard as usually. When I came to the kitchen to have a supper one day, I saw that evening light shining beautifully through the chives. I immediately remembered our task from the Be still 52 course to try and capture quiet non-stylised real-life moments from your everyday life… It felt perfect and I ran for my camera to capture that moment which you can see here.

No presets or textures applied this time, I wanted to keep it as real as it was so I just made the basic adjustments of the raw file in Lightroom, that’s it.