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    Shining through

    There is a low sideboard in my kitchen which separates the space where meals are prepared and cooked from the space where the meals are eaten and I like to have a pot with herbs or a vase with flowers placed on it as it looks quite charming. There is also a window near the sideboard which looks westwards. Sometimes, when the sun is quite low in the evening and it still shines, its rays get into the kitchen and shine through the leaves and flowers I have displayed on the sideboard and it’s always very beautiful. I sit at the table having my supper and watching the beauty… A…

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    Full steam ahead

    It’s been a very busy start of the year but also very inspiring. Can you be busy and relaxed at the same time? Two weeks of the Art of Photography course are behind me with two assessments passed successfully, two weeks are in front of me to be fulfilled. It’s obvious that the contents of the course can’t reach very deep in such a short term and within the wide range of topics and it’s true that I already know the basics. Yet there ARE new pieces of information included and I find it enormously interesting to listen to the lessons. Fortunately I don’t have any problem to understand the…