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Easter pastels

In the last week’s lesson of “Be still 52” Kim suggested that we might capture some pretty pastels inspired by spring and Easter and experiment with backlighting and focus. When I read that assignment I felt somewhat uncomfortable because neither pastels are something you can find abundant in my household nor the soft-pastel style is something I feel like creating. Also, I haven’t been experimenting yet with the backlighting, which makes it quite difficult to get the right exposure as the light often burns background part(s) of the photo while it leaves dark shadows on your subjects. Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge and gave it a try, that’s why I joined in the course, right, and here are the two final images I’ve chosen as the result of my effort:

Image #1: Scattered Easter Eggs… and its processed original:

Image #2: Easter Eggs & Hen… and its processed original:

After having processed the original raw captures in Lightroom (which resulted in the processed originals) I applied and adjusted a “kk_pastelhaze” preset Kim provided in the lesson (which resulted in the final images). The preset added some haziness and lightness which suit both the pastel colours and backlighting and make them even softer. I like the processed originals but the additional adjustment of the preset seems to add more interest, especially in the first image.

Actually… and eventually… I like what I created, which feels good and encouraging.

I hope you enjoyed the Easter time and its blessings, have a nice week!