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    Easter outing

    Though Easter cold and rainy weather forecast did not seem favourable for outings, we wanted to make one and decided to visit an Easter market at the castle Křivoklát. Frankly, I don’t like crowded places like such a market much but I had never been to Křivoklát, which is one of the oldest (more than 900 years since the first written reference) and most important castles of Bohemian kings, and this seemed to be a good opportunity to change that. When we arrived at Křivoklát, there were even more cars and people than I expected as we made an effort to get there soon enough but eventually it didn’t matter…

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    Focused on photography

    Easter pastels

    In the last week’s lesson of “Be still 52” Kim suggested that we might capture some pretty pastels inspired by spring and Easter and experiment with backlighting and focus. When I read that assignment I felt somewhat uncomfortable because neither pastels are something you can find abundant in my household nor the soft-pastel style is something I feel like creating. Also, I haven’t been experimenting yet with the backlighting, which makes it quite difficult to get the right exposure as the light often burns background part(s) of the photo while it leaves dark shadows on your subjects. Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge and gave it a try, that’s why I joined…

  • Miscellaneous

    Happy Easter

    I have one more photo from Rabštejn nad Střelou which I want to share with you, I saved it for this special Easter occasion. Easter is a symbol of hope and generosity to me and the hallelujah it sings gives strengths and humility, both of which we need. Enjoy the Easter days and let them fill you to the brim. Happy Easter! Bůh s Tebou – God be with you

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    Easter Wishes

    A few weeks ago I visited the city Plzeň, holding my camera tightly and eager to take a few photos. Cold wind was blowing while we were strolling through the city and the city looked quite gloomy. Nevertheless, when sun emerged among dark clouds, the atmosphere changed dramatically. A prominent contrast appeared and conjured wonderful scenes… I like the contrast in the photo as it suits Easter perfectly. The darkness of Good Friday lightened by the hope of the Resurrection, no words needed… Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter!