Places in Czech Republic

Stony bits and pieces

Last Saturday we spent several hours on a trip about 30 kilometres away from Plzeň (Pilsen), in and around the town Rabštejn nad Střelou. I will tell you more about this miniature town with interesting history records in my next post, today I would like to focus on another aspect of that area. As you might have guessed from the title of this post, it is about stones which are very frequent there.

The structure and colouration caused by covers of lichens and similar plants growing on the surface of the local rocks create interesting pictures in many places. Also, there is an old slate quarry and you tread on slate plates while walking by it.

Stones were used for the building of fences here, and thus offer interesting contrast and details to those who look for a different perspective. Stones were also used for the building of supporting walls where undemanding plants found their home.

After downloading my photos from that trip from the camera to my laptop, I was quite surprised to see how many of them centred on the stones. In tribute to their natural beauty, I decided to dedicate a post to them.

To let them shine, to let them impress and inspire you.