Around home and village

Winter scenes

When we woke up on 30th December in the end of the last year and looked out of a window, there was a beautiful blue sky and unusually white trees. My husband got up, came back with his camera and started to take pictures of our garden. First I was laughing but after a while I went for my camera too…

After comparing our shots we separated our ways – he made a decision to go to the village and explore its surroundings and I went into the garden to take a closer look. My hands were freezing while playing with the camera and when I finally went home, I found out that there was 15°C below zero. My husband came back afterwards, hard frozen but displaying wonderful photos. What else could I do than to follow his example once again and set out!

He went with me and we spent a great hour outside taking photos and enjoying the winter scenes. I felt like having jumped into an icy kingdom for a while, it felt wonderful to breathe the crisp air and watch the frosted branches against the blue sky. I can’t let you experience the overall atmosphere of that morning but here are at least a few photos.

The following picture comes from the same place as the one in my previous post. Only the perspective differs…


The next photo may look somewhat chaotic… but have you ever seen something like this?


There was no wind, the trees are bent permanently…


And the last photo today…


I wish this was my saying goodbye to winter but according to weather forecast we should rather expect frost and cold air in the next days. So be it but with every new day spring is coming nearer bringing fresh green and warmth. Whoopee!