Around home and village

Spring in my garden

In the Czech Republic we have a saying: “Get to a stove in March and stay there in April too”. It rhymes in the Czech language and I find myself repeating it each and every spring. It emphasises the fact that there are always a few wonderful sunny days at the beginning of spring and then temperature drops again and one has to wait usually to May to enjoy the nice weather again.

This year has been no exception. It’s been raining today and the temperature was only 6°C this afternoon… Nevertheless, yesterday I spent some time in my garden and found out that even in this awful weather, there are things to look at and enjoy.

For example this bumblebee, busy flying from one flower to another…

Or these tulips, ready to open…

And for the first time I’ve seen this holly to be in bloom:

As a matter of fact, it’s our neighbour’s holly. They planted it near to our fence and now part of it grows on our side too. I like it and don’t complain.