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Metal art in Bezdružice

To change the topics dealing with castles and nature reserves for a while, I’ve searched my archives and found a few older photos I’d like to share. A castle plays a role here but not the lead one.

I have to go back, to August 2008, when my husband was too busy at work and I spent my holiday going on daily trips with our children. One of the outings headed for the castle in Bezdružice, a city which I found a bit lost and dull at the time. I parked the car and we went up to the castle. It’s quite a nice building… and when we reached the top of the stairs and turned around, we could see quite a nice scenery:

But a bigger surprise waited for us in the castle’s courtyard…


… a little exhibition of metal statues created by Bohumil Eliáš in the nineties:

From the left, their names are: “Walker” – “Silent Relationship” – “I Can See You”.

The statues were quite big as you can see from the following picture and I found them interesting. A bit funny, a bit inspiring, a bit a view from another angle.

When we entered the interior of the castle, we found another exhibition there – several pieces of modern glass art. I had never seen anything like that and was entirely enchanted. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed to be taken there but I can feel the captivation up to now. But that’s another story…