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Living Living Stones

Some time ago I told my family that I love succulents and would be happy to get some on the occasion of my birthdays and name days and soon after that I got a little pot from my son with a little succulent called “living stones”.

The plant didn’t seem to thrive at first, its leaves were fading, so I decided the pot was way too small and replanted the succulent into a little bigger one. I think it helped but in the first place I had to learn that it is normal that the older leaves shrivel up and also that I need to respect the existence of winter dormant periods without any need of watering.

A few days ago I discovered  a flower decorating the plant which was a beautiful surprise. Truly living living stones! I took a photo to keep and enjoy the memory and felt relieved that despite the mistakes I made in growing the plant, it seems to be content after all.

There are so many varieties of these plants…  I feel like starting a collection!