PF 2013

The end of this year will arrive in two days and although I usually don’t make a lot of fuss about it, this turn makes me look back. It was an enormously difficult year for me to deal with and challenged me in many ways. There is a saying in Czech stating that things are never so good so that they couldn’t be better and never so bad so that they couldn’t be worse. So I tell myself that perhaps I should be grateful that things were not worse and hope that they will be better.

I was watching “The Lord of the Rings” film series a few days ago and there was the following idea raised. We sometimes find ourselves in an unpleasant or difficult situation we didn’t cause to arise and have to face it. The point is that it’s all not just about that unfavourable situation but about what we do with it ourselves, which way we go through it. And this hint conveying that after all we are not that helpless because of our attitude made my heart leap.

Do you know what’s interesting? At the beginning of every year I need to adjust for a while to the new number and confuse it here and there but this time I’m eager to start writing the new date. I wish that was a good sign…

Wishing you Many Happy Returns of the New Year!