• Focused on photography

    Sundial and other clocks

    Time measuring devices, that was the theme of my 12-month photo project that I tried to fulfil in August and that my five finalists represent today. I have to admit that although the theme seemed to be simple at first, it was another challenge. Clocks of all kinds tend to shine and reflect their surroundings, their numerals look soft, and they are often placed quite high. Also, I wanted the clocks to be the feature of the photos, yet at the same time to be just part of them, part of the whole. As much as it may sound contradictory, I believe that in this way the photos would better tell their…

  • black-and-white
    Focused on photography

    Expressed in Black and White

    Do you like b&w photography? Do you create b&w photographs yourself? I have to admit that fulfilling the theme of b&w photography which I had assigned to July in my 12-month photo project was a real challenge to me. Black & white images can be really powerful and can both express and arouse profound feelings and thoughts but my experience in creating them has been very limited. Actually, I had never taken a photo with the aim of creating a b&w image before, I just tried and transformed a few of my photos when the b&w transformation seemed much more expressive than the coloured version. When a friend of mine asked…

  • Focused on photography

    In motion

    June is drawing to its end so here I am with five final photos that I’ve taken and selected to represent the theme IN MOTION assigned to June in my 12-month photo project. There are surely many ways how to capture motion in a photo. You need to freeze the action and yet make it obvious and to achieve that, you can choose from several effects. You can opt for having everything sharp. You can have the background sharp and blur the moving object or just the moving part of the object. You can have the object sharp and blur the background. You can blur everything. You can use zooming or…

  • Focused on photography

    Having photographed people

    People. No family, just strangers. People as a key feature of the photographs to be taken. That was the theme assigned for May in the 12-month photo project that I’ve been trying to fulfil this year and because today is the last day of May, here I am with the final selection of 5 photos that I took and liked most. No. 1: Attractive I took this photo during festivities celebrating the liberation of Pilsen at the end of WWII. I saw a military van coming full of soldiers along with this young woman who was literally shining among them. They all got out of the van right next to…

  • still-life
    Focused on photography

    Time of lilacs

    I saw first lilacs burst into flower about two weeks ago and it seems that the lilac that we have in our garden follows the lead at last and starts to open its buds. I still have a few still-life photos featuring the lilac that I took last May so now it would be the right time to share them. These are just branches cut from the bush. I added some haze to the first photo to get a different feel and to create something not that straightforward, what a change. Lilac are the essence of May, aren’t they. They always confirm to me that winter is soon to be definitely over, their…

  • Focused on photography


    RUSTY was the photographic theme of my 12-month photo project assigned for April and here I am with the final selection of my photos. No. 1: Nook with containers When I was thinking about the rusty theme, the first idea that came to my mind was to shoot in a scrapyard. I was sure my hubby knew someone who operated a scrapyard so I asked him to arrange a session and it worked wonderfully. At first sight, a scrapyard is just a place full of junk but if you take your time, you may find some photography treasures there. No. 2: Memorial In May 1945, at the end of WWII, Pilsen…

  • Focused on photography


    March will be over in just a few days so here I am – in accordance with the rules of my 12-month photo project – with the final selection of five photos representing the theme of the month, which this time was GEOMETRY. If I had been asked what type of photos I was going to take for this topic, I would have mentioned buildings, pillars, roads and paths. That would have been sort of obvious. Yet when looking for the appropriate captures, I found out that there is more than just the obvious. Of course there is… Geometry No. 1: Bridges After having captured the scene, I started to notice that the word “NET” can be seen…

  • Plzeň
    Focused on photography

    The challenge of visualisation

    How important do you think visualisation is for one’s artistic work? I read in several articles that visualisation is vital to art and I thought about it many times. In dictionaries, visualisation is defined as “the act of forming a picture of somebody or something in your mind”. Does that mean that to create art you need to be able to imagine the picture of what you want to achieve? The final result? I believe there are painters who look at an empty canvas and see a masterpiece. I believe there are photographers who look at a model and see an artistic portrait. I believe there are sculptors who look…

  • Focused on photography

    Part of the whole

    It is the last day of February today and according to the rules of my 12-month photo project I am supposed to publish 3 to 5 photos that I took throughout the month based on the theme of the month, which this time was PART OF THE WHOLE. Part of the whole can be interpreted in many ways so for the sake of this project, the meaning was limited to a detail that defines the whole so that from the detail you can say what the whole is. Simply said, the detail should not be abstract. Without further ado, here is my selection: No. 1: Part of a plane I should call this…