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  • Playful water lilies

    Playful water lilies

    Yesterday I was asked what definition I would assign to a “photograph” and after some pondering, I came up with this: A photograph is a rendering of reality that may be documentary but also emotional, abstract or even somewhat imaginary, yet still preserving the core of that reality. Well, but what is that core, you may ask, […]

  • For the love of succulents

    For the love of succulents

    As seen in and inspired by a botanical garden in Prague…

  • Motivational


    The other day I was watching a video where a guy was explaining how he created a photo, what his intentions were and how he got there both in arranging the scenery and processing the photo and I thought, “well, so much effort invested, and I actually do not feel any excitement about the result…” […]

  • Botanical garden in Liberec

    Botanical garden in Liberec

    When I was planning trips for our holiday in the Jizera Mountains, the Botanical garden in Liberec was one of the places which caught my attention, especially for the architecture of its greenhouses and for its new „Water Lily Pavilion“. The garden greatly exceeded my expectations which is why I would like to present it […]