Places in Czech Republic

Country church

Every time when we go to visit my mom, we drive by a church in Starý Rožmitál that always draws my attention. There is nothing extraordinary about the building itself, it’s a country church standing by a cemetery, but the view from the road looks very nice. I asked my husband to stop nearby last week so that I could take a photo.


Here is a closer view with a different processing:


I was walking here and there for a while when looking for the best view and along the way I was passing by a beautiful lilac bush:


Lilac blooms are gone for now so it’s a nice memory. I also saw an eye-catching leafy tree which I really liked:


But back to the church itself. Those of you who have been following my blog for some time might remember that I captured the church a few years back in winter, it looked like this:


I edited the photo a bit more this time and created another look:


We always hurry when we go to my mum to be there in time and we usually go back in the evening when there is not enough light and we are looking forward to getting home, but I’d love to capture the scenery also in autumn and under different weather conditions. The resulting series might look great…