Places in Czech Republic

Luhačovice spa

Back to Moravia where we spent one day in Luhačovice. Luhačovice is the biggest Moravian spa with a long tradition of spa treatment of diseases related to air passages, digestive tract, diabetes and locomotive organs. History of its healing springs reaches back to the 17th century, 17 springs has been found since that time. Every hour, about 15 thousand litres of mineral water rise to the surface from them.

Water from the springs is not bottled except for a spring named Vincentka, one can buy the Vincentka water in pharmacies throughout the Czech Republic. The spring Vincentka has been known since 1680 and it is used for drinking therapy and inhalations. After WWII, a hall was built where water from the spring is distributed both cold and warmed. Distributed for free, water from all springs that are situated in public places is available free of charge.

There are many beautiful and interesting houses in the spa.

And there is a very modern church which was built in 1996 and consecrated in 1997.

It’s the Church of Holy Family and its foundation stone was consecrated in 1990 by the Pope John Paul II during his visit of the Czech Republic.

In front of the church we found and tasted our first spring, the spring of St. Josef.

Here is the church in a different view, I really like the architecture of that building.

In the period from 1902 to 1914, the spa was partly rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style based on projects and urbanistic plans of a Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič. In the following photo you can see the “Jurkovič’s House” which he remodelled from a house built in the 18th century. The house used to be titled “a colourful fairy tale” and in 1947 it was named after the architect.

In the next photo, there is another Jurkovič’s project which was built as a new house, the house “Jestřabí”.

Come and have a look at a few more buildings that caught my attention:

Of course I heard of Luhačovice before, it is a well known spa here, and I was recommended using the Vincentka water several times. But to hear about a place and to see it with your own eyes, that’s absolutely different, isn’t it?