Focused on photography

Beauty of the simple

Last time I promised to show you another try of mine at a top-down-taken photo, something a bit different than the elaborate and colourful composition you could see in the previous post, and here it is:

It’s a very simple composition and I expect that (some of) you might find it (a bit) boring. Yet look at the pattern on the towel, the shapes and lines created by the colander, the subdued colours… all the parts contribute to the whole which I find delicate and beautiful.

When I posted a square version of the arrangement on Instagram, I wrote to it that “beauty of the simple makes you see a different world”. As much as it feels a bit strange to quote my own words, they express perfectly what I’ve grasped along the way.

When you learn to look at the dust lying at your feet and see something special in it, than your world shifts and will never be the same. I love photos capturing ordinary things in a way that makes me stop in my tracks and think about how beautiful they are and why the heck I hadn’t noticed that before, and this is my little contribution to the beauty of the simple that has been changing my world.