Focused on photography

Colours and shapes

The first month of Kim’s new Be Still course is focused on still life images shot top down. Top-down, looking-down, from-above, flat-lay, they have many names but just one perspective.

They may look easy but they are not that easy.

Firstly it’s the thing with arranging the right props in the right way with the right background but that’s nothing new in still life imaginary.

Secondly, there are a few technical problems. The height from which you can shoot is usually limited, so you need to use such a lens that will include the whole arrangement into your image. The bigger your props the wider angle of the lens needed. If you want to use a tripod, you need to have such a tripod that enables you to shoot in the direction down. If you want to use a flash, you need to have such a flash whose head is movable in every possible direction. Fortunately I found out I have all of this and that let me experiment a bit more than I expected.

The composition I’m sharing today is quite playful, I focused on colours and shapes. I love eating tangerines these days and they inspired my imagination.

Next time I’ll show you something quite different, dressed in much subtler colours.