Focused on photography

Moody buttons

I feel so much inspiration these days and will to turn that inspiration into something tangible, no matter how imperfect that might be… You know it. It’s uplifting to strive for perfection but it’s also tiring because one can never reach that destination. So when I was sorting the props I have for my still-life photography and their colours inspired me to arrange a few photos with a chrysanthemum I got a few days ago, though it was quite late (again) and first I wanted to postpone the idea to better time and better light, I changed my mind and started to play. These two final images are the ones, which I liked most.

The first image is more colourful and filled, while the other image is simpler and moodier.

I also tried a square format…

I like the different impression the images give when it comes to the format and when you just change the arrangement a bit though the props are almost the same. The presence and absence of the yellow buttons changes everything.

Well, I’m delighted that I started and finished this, you know where postponing usually ends. Enjoy the rest of the week!