Focused on photography

Moving on

On Sunday I finished successfully the Art of Photography course with all of its videos, quizzes and assessments and could download my Certificate of Achievement. It feels great to accomplish something I had decided to accomplish. The course enriched me very much and I don’t regret the time and energy I invested into following it. I’m happy I took all those notes as I’d like to get back to them later to refresh some of the ideas. I’d recommend the course to anyone who would like to acquire or brush up on their photographic perception. It contains some technical stuff but also points at various principles and ideas that may become your inspiration and motivation. Being taught by a university instructor, the course offers a different angle when talking about photography than many of us are used to. Also, listening to those lectures feels quite differently than just reading articles.

I could quote many ideas I liked but this one especially spoke to me:

“The world has no edges. Composition and framing is defining edges in the subjects that we see using the camera that we’re using. And it sounds like a really easy thing. But in order to get really good, strong, dynamic images, we do need to be quite mindful of how we compose and how we frame our world.”
― Dr. Shane Hulbert, the Art of Photography course

How we frame… not just our images… but our world which has no edges… I love how this idea is expressed.

I put the Be still 52 course on the back burner in the last week but I’m looking forward to delving into its contents now. I bought a pot with mini Azalea about two weeks ago and put it on a window sill to provide enough light to its flowers. Then I forgot to water it so the light wasn’t much helpful but it’s another story… Fortunately I found it out not too late and the Azalea is beautiful again. I liked the light shining on its leaves and flowers by the window and took a few photos but when I finally transferred the photos to my laptop, I was quite disappointed by them. Firstly, I should have tried more angles… and secondly, what I saw in the photo wasn’t what I felt when taking it. Yet not willing to discard all the effort I experimented a bit in Lightroom and here is the result.

Something quite different than I’m used to producing but… why not? Moving on…