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Trip to Prášilské jezero

During our summer stay in Šumava we visited “Prášilské jezero”. It is a glacial lake situated in the Šumava National Park at the altitude of 1080 metres above sea level.

First we needed to climb a hill but as it was a beautiful sunny day accompanied by blue sky covered with occasional white puffy clouds, we really enjoyed the hike.

At one place along the path up, people had built these small stone piles which looked very cute but I have no idea whether there was any meaning behind them.

There were a few wind storms which severely damaged the woods in the area and the forest surrounding the lake was left to self-recover.

There are no fish present in the lake, supposedly because of its acidity, but there were a few ducks enjoying the cold water of the lake.

On our way back we spent some time by a brook which was crossing our way. It might have been the Lake brook taking water off the lake.

On our way to the lake we followed a stony path leading through woods and I have to say that’s what I like when hiking. Because we didn’t want to take the same way up and down, we chose another path for our return which unfortunately turned out to be a road covered in asphalt suitable especially for cyclists who are quite frequent there. It was the only downside of the trip for me. Not counting that I was enchanted by the variety of scenery and beauty of the nature. No wonder that the area is protected within the first zone of nature protection of the Šumava National Park.