Around home and village

Spring in and around the village

This morning my hubby and I  took our cameras and went for a walk around the village we live in. Temperatures have dropped significantly lately and cold winter was blowing this morning but spring views made up for the unfavourable weather.

First we visited the old local cherry tree orchard where we wanted to take some photos. The orchard is most beautiful in spring when the blossom is out.

As you can see in the photo, the cherry blossoms have been partly brown already and I’m not sure whether it means that they are changing into fruits or whether they have been damaged by morning frost that occurred during the last several days. We will see later, no doubt about that.

What I love about spring is that while many trees are still bare, others are heavy with blossoms or sprouting little leaves. I find the contrast charming.

In a field we started a doe which was no surprise as there are many does grazing in the area but a while later we happened to start a fox which was much more of a surprise. I tried to capture it but I was not quick enough to change my camera settings which were quite different than I needed.  Yet one photo turned out to be quite interesting…

… though it’s more of an impressionist painting than wildlife photography. Why not, I like it.

And then we were back in the village again, heading home to prepare and eat well-deserved lunch…